What is your fuck up potential?

Your fuck up potential, or FUP, is the ability that each one of us has right from birth. it is a very nuanced thought, or should I say philosophy that manifests in ways you would think impossible at times.

One prime example of that would be during important client meetings. You would be serenading you client and making polite (but deep) conversations about the potential synergis you see if he acquires that target company. You would not even realise initially, but there would be a massive booger stuck in your nostrils and your tiny pinky finger would be up there in front of the client trying to dislodge it from its place. There you go, you have hit jackpot in your FUP.

That booger should be the last thing worrying you

This is also quite common during job interviews. Although this could happen anytime during the process, it hurts the most when it happens towards the end. Imagine this, you have passed the 14th round and this is it, the final round. You have both loved the potential fit and the rapport with the interviewer is mindblowing. You have thus far somehow managed to keep you mouth in control, hiding all the disgusting thoughts up there in your pumpkin. But then it happens. While making a comment on how all the B-school junk food is adding to your trouser size, you blurt out something about the interviewer’s dress size as a follow up question. Can you imagine, a “follow up” comment doing all the damage? At that instance, you will see your entire life flash by.

Your life flashing by after the fuck up

The thing is that these scenarios are not all that uncommon. As I mentioned, it is our natural tendency to FU. So, what can you do if you are prone to FUs?

Practise the following religiously:

  1. Check your appearance before your meetings. Make sure all the boogers are out already. Wash and comb your hair at least. Needless to say, iron your shirt, trouser and jacket, polish your shoes and get that spinach out of your teeth.
  2. Remember the basics of good communication. Good posture and facial expression are the key. Smile when needed and don’t keep grinning like an idiot at all times.
  3. Mirror and match mannerisms and speech appropriately. Observe what the interviewer is doing and try to act accordingly. Sometimes, culture dictates how we should behave.
  4. Take control of your arms and legs. Again, maintain a proper by relaxed posture. If you are standing, stand straight with your arms by your side. Make sure you are not leaning on one leg.
  5. Think before you speak. Try to be articulate and structure your thoughts properly. If you have a big mouth, you need to be extra careful.
  6. And finally don’t try to be overly funny. The potential risks are not worth the upsides. Remember, not everyone has the same sense of humour.