GMAT 750 – Q50 – V42… Crushed the GMAT

Finally after 3 months of gut-wrenching preparations, I am done with the GMAT.

And what a journey it has been? I started preparing towards the beginning of the year but did not commit to a date till about half way through. I am sure that has made a big difference to the overall score. One thing I learnt from my earlier attempt was not to sit the exam unless I was absolutely ready. It would have been just a big waste of my time and energy otherwise.

For a good GMAT score, one needs to have balanced scores across all the individual sections. This is also very important for B-School Ad-comms as they want well-rounded candidates in their classes. Balanced scores also highlight that the candidate is genuinely good and didn’t just get lucky in answering one of the sections.

750 (98%) has been a massive jump from my last year’s score of 670 (83%). The individual scores have also improved, with the final score a good balance between all the sections.

VERBAL 39 (89%) 42 (96%)
QUANT 43 (56%) 50 (88%)
AWA 4.5 (44%) 6.0 (92%)
IR 7 (81%) 8 (92%)

When I started my preparations this January, I quickly realised that one of the major deficiencies was a lack of understanding of the fundamental concepts that the GMAT tests. I needed to set up the base first before I could build the castle. I could have gone through the MGMAT books but after 12 hour work days, that option seemed too “dry” for me. I needed something more engaging and interactive. Classroom coaching was not an option, so I started looking for an online course to help me with that.

I am not sure how, but I stumbled upon this 7 day trial course from Economist GMAT and I decided to give it a shot. Right from the word go, Economist’s adaptive approach seemed perfect for my learning needs. They also had a free mock test included within the 7 day period.

That was it. I was hooked. I completed about 15% of the course within the first 7 days, including the practice exam. At around the same time I found out about this deal that GMAT Club has with Economist and others. The saving was around 10% and they were giving away free access to GMATClub tests for a limited period. I quickly signed up to one of the packages and the rest as they say is history. Economist taught me most of the concepts, tricks and shortcuts that made my GMAT score possible. Most importantly, I started appreciating the value of the “process of elimination” (POE). That one single concept must have saved me a ton of time in the real GMAT.

Another valuable resource is the e-GMAT Verbal Online package. Halfway through my preparation, I realised that I needed more structure in my Verbal prep. Economist was focusing on all the right things, but I needed something more in terms of the fundamentals (grammar rules etc). I read excellent reviews of the e-GMAT course on GMATClub and enrolled soon afterwards using one of the GMATClub deals. Boy, was that a good investment?! e-GMAT breaks and delivers the entire course in very easy to follow, logically structured digestible bits that slowly but steadily build the knowledge required to ace the verbal section. Though they advertise the course as a must have for non-native speaker, I would ask even native speakers to give it a shot. It is one of the best verbal courses out there.

Finally, GMATClub and the GMATClub tests. If there was just one test prep resource I could have used, I would have gone for GMATClub. I am fully indebted to Bunuel, BB and some of the other moderators who have created such an amazing platform.

It has been a lot of hard work on my part but this wouldn’t have been possible without the these three amazing resources – Economist GMAT Tutor, e-GMAT and GMATClub. It is now time for some rest and then the Rd 1 Application process begins.

Very relieved…!

My Q&A at Economist GMAT

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