12 things that I love doing

What do I love doing? Somebody recently asked me this question and I went completely blank. I managed to mumble something about painting, drawing, travelling and the usual drivel like that. But, honestly, what do I love doing? When do I get the most pleasure out of something? I realised that there is not a single correct answer to that question. It’s a hotch-potch of multiple things… small things… big things… things that make me laugh and sometimes cry… things that make me really really happy… things that take the breadth out of me… make me chuckle all own my own… So, what are these things?

Here is an honest list of some of them.

  • Watching meaningless but hyper entertaining sitcoms over dinner.

  • Waking up and switching on the computer first thing in the morning.
  • Listening to the sound of fresh steak fillets landing on a hot frying pan.
  • Flank-Steak-and-Chris-grilling-2Running my fingers over embossed signs. 
  • Walking over this bridge early  every morning and marveling at this view.
  • Positioning myself in the tube platforms such that the doors always open where I stand.
  • Checking my bank account every month when my salary arrives. Woo hoo!! 🙂
  • Going to the office toilet and photographing the toilet paper when I am super bored of work. (yes, these do happen once in a while)
  • The fear of getting the red screen of death at work.
  • Rubbing my right shoe against the escalator deflector brushes (The long continuous brush made of stiff bristles running up the sides of the escalator just above the step level) when I am standing on the right and wishing that I could rub the left one as well. (In London you can’t stand on the left hand side of the escalator).
  • Turning the grinders of salt and pepper mills and pretending to be a professional waiter.
  • Doodling when i am talking over phone and then wondering how awesome my doodles are. 🙂