Queen Elizabeth II – Diamond Jubilee

The country is celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend. 60 years on the throne!… unbelievable… She was already 35 years on it when I was born. Currently, the Royal family is running a wave of very high approval from the British people but it has not been that easy all along… there have been the usual vicissitudes along the way and when Princess Diana died in 1997, the Queen’s and the Royal Family’s approval tumbled down the rabbit hole. They have gradually built it all up again and 2012, with its Royal Wedding, Jubilee and the Olympics, has proven to be the year when the support for royalty is at its zenith.

Times like this always bring to the front the age old confrontation between the republican and the royalists. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and I respect the people who think that Britain should do down the republican way. However, these people should realise what an incredible institution they have in the form of the Royal Family.

If nothing else, it is one of the biggest source of publicity for the UK. If you can put a dollar figure to the direct and indirect benefits the royal institution has brought to the country in the last 50 years or so, then I am sure it will be up there in the top tier of the list. But, that is not all. It brings in a sense of stability to the country that has been so instrumental during grave situations like WW II and the current economic crisis.

The centre piece in all of these has been our beloved Queen… She has been there constantly with us, through the tough times and the good ones. She has seen it all but still stands without the slightest hint of pomp or show. She is never imposing but always has an enduring presence. My salute to her for all her hard work and sacrifices.

God Save the Queen.