For Fate, Struggle, Hope and Reward

If words were to have a costume party of their own, then Fate will always dress up as a scapegoat. That poor word has been abused mercilessly over the ages by countless men and women of both honourable reputation and wretched fame to cover their ineptness. We tend to hide behind the curtain of fate and its several equivalents without even realising that there could be other alternatives.

There are some for whom things are always easy, but for the majority of us, it is always an uphill battle. It is a struggle, a struggle against all odds. In the costume party, Struggle is perhaps one of the most loathed words – dressed up for sure like Hitler or Mussolini. We are told to fight, to struggle against our wishes for something with just a sliver of hope dangling in the distance. But we hate to do that. We hate to fight. Sometimes, the ray of light is just around the bend but we miss it because we are too lazy to put one more foot forward and turn the corner…

The word neglected by all in the costume party and perhaps languishing in some dark corridor with a glass of cheap wine is Hope. It is a powerful word, but one that has lost its sense of power due to the vagaries of man, due to his resignation to fate. Realising the power of hope can free a person from the daily grind of life, it can give immense sense of purpose and one-mindedness – qualities essential to survive against the toll that life demands from us before it rewards us with the satisfaction of realising the ultimate goal.

The super-star of the word costume party is Reward. Everybody wants it but very few of us are brave and lucky enough to really get it. With its massively bloated ego and regal costume, Reward takes to the high pedestal, safe in the knowledge that for the eternity to come, men will crave for it, will fight for it, will do just about anything for it. But, very few will actually turn the corner to claim it for themselves.

Fate, Struggle, Hope and Reward… small words in the word costume party, but having huge life-altering potential when bunched together. So, let’s cut poor Fate some slack and spare it for once, let’s give some attention to Hope and pamper it a bit and let’s learn to embrace Struggle. Doing so, we will find Reward waiting for us with its arms wide open, inviting us to share its high pedestal.