Driving in India

My undergrad college friends can vouch for this: I was a driving freak back then. It was sort of my passion. Like the clothes we wear, my car used to be my constant companion. I loved driving!!.

I have come back to India for a mini vacation and Omg!! I can’t believe this, I am shit scared of driving now. What a difference a year makes in our lives? The orderly nature of the traffic in the UK has affected me negatively somehow. My parents came to pick me up from the airport and the way my father was driving the car scared the shit out of me. It was not that he has changed his driving style or something. Even I used to drive like him when I was last here. But, something has snapped in the year that has gone by. Probably, I have seen an alternate system that works. Probably, I have realised that we have flaws. Probably this is what they call “Reverse Culture Shock“.

I have not touched the steering wheel of my car yet. I will do that for sure, but before that, I have to build up my confidence to drive on the Indian roads again. I have to overcome my demons first. Till then, the passenger seat is where I will be. If you see a grown man sitting petrified in that seat, don’t laugh… Wave to him and give him a sympathetic look. That might as well be me.