The Secret sessions

Every Thursday evening after everybody is gone, about 10 people meet at room G208 in 20, Kingsway Building at the LSE. Their purpose – secret. Their deeds – hidden. The room – small and the blinds- covered.

What do they do there? What is the secret?

These are the torch bearers of an ancient and continuing sect, one whose legacy goes back to time immemorial, the life form appreciators or in simple words – the artists.

These people meet for the weekly Life Drawing sessions conducted by the LSE Student Union Visual Art Society. The society arranges for the models and other supplies for the sessions and people – LSE as well as non-LSE – join in for 2 hours of sketching extravaganza.

I recently went to one such session and the result is this sketch of the female body. Though we did about five sketches from different perspectives, this is the one which I liked the most.

So, here it is, the nameless sketch.

And coming to the title of the post, “The secret sessions”. Well, there is actually nothing secret about the entire business. If you want to attend one such session and want more information or check out the timings, then visit The website is well maintained and has all the necessary information.

So, see you there.