Should scientists care about the consequesces of their studies or should they pursue the truth relentlessly without evaluating the impact that it might have on the society?

Logically thinking, truth alone should triumph. Everything else is an illusion. The scientist should impartially seek the truth and strive to achieve  it at all cost. She should not care a dime about what the society thinks of it or whether a dim-wit takes her findings and creates an nuclear weapon out of it.

However, unlike scientists from the basic sciences, social scientists work in the society, amongst the people and as such they need to live by the rules and regulations of the society.  They should be wary about the potential risks of controversial research. They should be mindful of the killer lurking in the dark alleys of the society. Before unearthing the evils, they should seek out the angels for protection.

The sentiments expressed in the above paragraph are true and most social scientists are plagued by them constantly. This creates the problem of ‘decked-up lie’ or ‘covered-up truth’ where the scientist holds back from presenting all the findings of the research and thus create additional road blocks for already stifled science of social studies.