Aaahh!! Finally, my own domain…

wordpressWow, finally it is done… I have completed my migration from to my custom domain… Awesome!! Though the process takes no more than a couple of hours, it took me about a weeks time to get everything from my earlier domain to the new one… huhh!!

Actually, things were put into motion when I shifted my blog from to That was the first step.


After that, I purchased the domain name and a 12 months hosting plan from and things really started moving.
and today, with the complete transfer the movement of things has ended. From now on, I am a blogger… ha ha ha!!!

Meatball Marinara

BTW, has some really good and cheap (the Meatball Marinara sub at Subway costs more) hosting plans with 5 minutes easy to use WordPress installation. Highly recommended… 🙂

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